Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer

Migration to Other University

Credit Transfer or Migration Process in India (University Transfer)

Credit Transfer or Migration to Other University – The student can avail credit transfer option from one university to other university from 1st semester to 8th semester which means if student who is facing issue like backlogs, arrears, detained or debarred in current university and unable to continue his/her studies further, he/she can choose the other college or university and the process with the help of educational experts or university guideline. Students with more than 10 arrear or backlogs can choose this process with the help of university guideline and most of the students are migrating from one university to other university with different reasons. If the students are having proper reason to move from one university to other than he/she can move with proper documents and approach the selected university and so that migration process can be taken in university guidelines. All universities or colleges are not permitted to do this process; only selected universities who got permission from AICTE or UGC are eligible and taken up to do this process. Complete your Degree thru Credit Transfer option and continue your degree from where you stopped your course, you will be guided with proper university with UGC, and Govt recognized university & college.

Credit Transfer is nothing but if the student have more than 10 backlogs from any affiliated college or university can be transferred to other university in proper way with the help of university guidelines. most of the students are shuffling from one university to other university for various reason, student can move any time with proper documents. Transfer can take place in 1st year to 4th year in recognized colleges or university, from 1st SEMESTER to 8th SEMESTER with respect to the universities. Students can clear their papers in respective university after performing successful transfer process, he/she will join the the university and continue from where he/she left in previous college and will get the proper guidance to clear the paper along with couching in current university. The backlogs needs to cleared in new university. Do you have Backlogs, arrears or detained.. Find proper solution with us @ +919676232325

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